Fleet Cars or Car Lots

Does your business have a fleet of cars or a car lot? 

We can help with volume discounts and regular site visits.  We can come to you on a weekly or monthly basis or by appointment to cut extra keys, replace lost keys or remotes. 

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Business customers

Eastern Locksmith Service

Eastern Locksmith Services

is your local family owned locksmith services company. Located on Berkeley Blvd. in Goldsboro we are quick to respond to your needs. Not only do we specialize in locks (repair & replace) but we are automotive experts as well! Our car lockout service will get you back in your car in no time. Transponder keys or "Chip Keys" can be made for any car, truck or suv. Transponder keys have that smart chip in them that lets your car know it’s the right person trying to start your car! So use our car lockout service then have them extra transponder keys made to avoid a future car lockout again! Also we make car remotes. Car remotes are used to unlock your automobile and even to start it. Nothing like starting your automobile with a car remote from inside your home! It doesn’t matter if its locks at home, work or automobile we can repair or replace them. Quality door hardware is important to the security of your home and office! We carry lots of door Hardware including handles, locks and deadbolts. See the services page for a complete list. We can also repair any door hardware you might have not listed. Need security hardware? We go that covered. We handle all your security hardware needs. Call for more info on all the security hardware we carry. Commercial & Residential Glass replacement is also on our long list of services. Glass replacement often becomes a need after a storm or break-in. We can save you money and do professional glass replacements on any window or door. So call us next time for your glass needs.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer a Preventative Maintenance Program tailored for your business. 

We set up routine visits monthly, quarterly or annually to make sure your doors, locks and security hardware is in working order.  

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Security Consultation

Is your business secure?

We offer consultations were we check out any weak links in your locks, doors, security cameras and overall security perimeter to keep your business, church, or commercial facility secure. 

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